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All About Commercial Metal Roofing


Commercial roofing has greatly improved over the past few years. Today the most popular type of roofing for businesses, hospitals and other locations is metal roofing. Types of Metal Roofing A very popular type of metal roofing is called standing seam. This type of panel roofing is available in four

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Waterproofing Your Roof With A Membrane


Membrane roofing is one of the most important things to consider when a secure waterproof roof is desired. For many years it was used for flat top commercial buildings. However, in recent years it has been found to be effective on residential flat and slightly sloped roofs as well as

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How Does Your Roof Garden Grow?


Many people have been exploring the possibility of installing a green roof, also known as a living roof, on their building. Prior to installation of this type of roof, it is necessary to start with a waterproofing membrane and, if it is to be constantly watered, a drainage system. Note that

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Making the Most of Roof Colors and Energy Savings


Roofs for homes and businesses require a lot of consideration. This includes cost, materials, energy and colors. Today many locations are finding unique patterns and colors for roofing that was not available in previous years. Additional things to consider, when choosing roofing material, are the climate, the roofing material design and

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Why Weather is Important When Choosing Your Roof


Many times, when a person needs a new roof they have two things in mind: the price and the color. However, it is equally as important to consider the type of weather where you live and what material would best suit the situation.  Heavy Winds Heavy winds are especially bad

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Choosing a Commercial Roof


Commercial buildings each require a roof that is long lasting and will protect its contents and occupants from all types of weather. Company executives or owners take special care in making a selection that will best serve their company. Commercial roofing has a number of types available. Each type of

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Choosing the Correct Roof Style


When building a new home or re-modeling an older one, there is often the question of what type and shape of a roof to install. Many times this depends on the overall architectural design and the surrounding neighborhood. Depending on the style of, the type of materials to be used

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How To Get The Most Out of Your Roof


Everyone agrees that having a good roof is essential for any residential or business building. It will keep out the weather while providing protection of the building’s contents. Snow, sleet, strong wind and severe heat can damage a roof if proper maintenance and small repairs are not taken care of

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Is Your Roof Ready for the New England Winter Season?


In snowy New England winters it is important to have a roof on your home, or business, that will withstand the weight as well as icicles and other problems that can arise in this kind of climate. This means it is extremely important that your roof be able to withstand

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EPDM vs TPO: When it Comes to Roofing Systems, Which is the Right Choice For You?


Are you are looking to cover your flat roof? Your options can be limited and expansive depending on the type of material you want to use. Traditional roofing should not be a consideration if you are looking to develop a strong and durable rooftop. Such materials include corrugated metal, concrete tiles,

EPDM vs TPO: When it Comes to Roofing Systems, Which is the Right Choice For You?2019-12-16T05:41:51+00:00
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