Commercial roofing has greatly improved over the past few years. Today the most popular type of roofing for businesses, hospitals and other locations is metal roofing.

Types of Metal Roofing

A very popular type of metal roofing is called standing seam. This type of panel roofing is available in four types: symmetrical lock seams, double lock seams, and one or two piece snap-lock interlock. They are lightweight, available in a variety of colors and can last up to 60 years. Rib steel paneling is also available. 

Materials used in metal roofing include stainless steel, corrugated galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and stone-coated or painted metal sheets. Shingle, shake and tile types are also available. All these materials offer durability, longevity as well as heat and high wind resistance. 

Installing a Metal Roof

When installing a new roof of any kind, it is advisable to remove the old roofing. This will reveal any damage to the structure caused by water leaks, under-structure breakage and so forth. Since metal roofing is lightweight, it is not difficult for experienced workers to make an installation that will be resistance to all types of weather including heavy snow. 

However, as with all types of roofing, it is important that you obtain the services of a roofer who is fully experienced. They will use the types of fasteners, undercoating, and other materials required for a roof that will be long-lasting and durable.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

While the cost of a metal roof is more than traditional shingles, it has many advantages over its counterpart. In addition to its longevity, metal roofs also provide energy savings, are visually attractive, and resist both impacts and intense winds. This is especially important for businesses that do not want to endure constant roof repairs. 

Businesses with older metal roofs can also restore or strengthen them. This is done by placing a continuous elastomeric membrane over the old roof. This membrane forms a waterproof seal over the entire area including flashings, vents and so forth. This membrane is seamless so there is no danger of it coming loose; it is also non-flammable.

Many people overlook the advantageous tax breaks offered by state and federal agencies. Always check this out as it can sometimes result in considerable savings. In addition, all metal roofing must pass a UL-2218 Impact Resistance Rating Test. 

Making a Metal Roof Choice

While a person often thinks of metal roofing being made up of panels, it is important to realize that it is also available in shake and tile styles with a wide variety of colors available. This makes it possible to choose the type that will fit your particular situation. Whether covering a home or business, this type of roof offers all the benefits of an excellent and attractive covering for your building.

For example, as a homeowner or business owner, suppose you are in a neighborhood that has a traditional style. This allows you to install a long-lasting metal roof that resembles shakes or tile and is colored to match the building’s overall appearance. 

Choosing Your Roofing Contractor

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