Let’s face it, a new roof is expensive but if you don’t want to ruin the rest of the building and its contents, proper protection from the weather is essential. How do you tell if only repairs will suffice or the entire area must be replaced? 

Signs that a Roof Needs Repairs or Replacement

• Building Interior 

Many people do not realize there is something wrong with the roof until water stains are noted on the ceiling or water is running down the wall. Damp spots near fireplaces and furnace or water heater water stains also indicate a problem. 

Perhaps an examination of the attic shows light showing through the roof or there is a spike in your energy costs. Rafters in the attic may also be sagging or paint may be blistering. At other times, a check of the attic will show moldy insulation. 

• Building Exterior 

Curled, dark or dirty shingles show that water has been trapped, causing the damage when the water dries. Excessive granules, especially with asphalt roofs, appear in the gutters. Vents, pipes and chimneys often develop leaks and require replacement or repairs. 

If you have a roof deck and it starts sagging this means that the rafters have become damaged from leaking water. This can also be indicated when portions of the regular roof appear to sag. 

Making the Right Choice

Of course, as with any work requiring special skills, it is essential that the right roofing contractor is contacted. Such a contractor will be licensed, bonded and insured as well as having personnel that is highly trained in the roofing business. Unlike a licensed building inspector, who charges approximately $175, a good contractor will offer a free inspection and estimate. 

As an experienced roof contractor we, at Capital Roofing, will look for: 

• Buckling, curling, missing or broken shingles 

• Worn or cracked materials around vent pipes 

• Moss or lichen that can indicate underneath decay 

• Flashing rust spots or broken caulk 

We will then present a written description and estimate of the repair or replacement costs. This type of roof inspection is called preventative maintenance. 

Replacing an Entire Roof

Replacing or repairing a roof is essential to keep it free from mold, stains, bad odors, uneven air control and other things that are the result of a bad roof. 

When it is determined that the entire roof must be replaced, you will be offered a number of solutions. These include different materials, such as metal, asphalt, tile and so forth. Each type of material offers different styles, colors, prices, warranties and so forth. 

With today’s vast arrays of colors, it is possible to make a selection that will fit in beautifully with the overall appearance of your home while assuring you have the protection needed from rain, sun, high winds and other types of weather. 

There is no doubt that the materials on today’s market can offer the very latest in energy savings. This means that, when making the right choice, it is possible to reduce the overall cost of the installation. 

A recent report estimates that a new roof will allow a recovery of 109% of your investment when the home is resold. If not planning on re-selling, it will offer years of comfortable living. 

Regardless of what kind of work your roof needs, hiring a company that has an established reputation in the community, for good work and installation satisfaction, is essential. We, at Capital Roofing SEO & Services, are ready to discuss your roof problem, help you make a decision and offer reasonable prices. 

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