Today’s roofing market offers a wide range of choices when it comes to one’s roof. There are asphalt, shingles, shakes, metal, tile and slate. There are also imitation asphalt, tile and slate. A wide range of colors is also available.

The overall effect you want is the first thing to be considered when choosing a roof. After that, the price will probably be a dominating factor when making a choice. 


Available in composite, concrete and clay materials, tile is an excellent energy saver because air can circulate underneath it. It is also resistant to hail, fire, 150 MPH wind and moisture. 

In addition to the traditional tile appearance, it is now possible to match any architectural style desired. This includes the traditional barrel style as well as wood and slate. Available in a multiple of colors, this type of roofing is projected to outperform other types of roofing materials.


Wood shingles and shakes are produced from pine, spruce, western red cedar, California redwood and cypress. The most popular are cedar and southern yellow pine. Wood shakes are hand cut from blocks of wood while wood shingles are machine cut. The result is a smooth surface shingle and a rustic appearing shake.

Wood’s natural beauty and insulation value (twice that of asphalt shingles) make them popular in Cape Cod, Victorian, Tudor, bungalow and cottage style roofs. Cedar and redwood are especially popular because they contain an oil which provides a natural protection against insects and moisture.


Two types of asphalt shingles are fiberglass and organic. Fiberglass shingles begin with a fiberglass mesh mat, covered in asphalt and topped with granules. They resist tearing and are lightweight. Over the years, organic shingles have been discontinued because they are not as effective as those made of fiberglass.

While this type of shingle is the most inexpensive, care must be taken in the quality of the purchase. For example, cheap asphalt shingles in hot, sunny climate may only last 10-12 years and they can crack when there are rapid temperature changes.

There are also imitation asphalt shingles available that are made out of recycled rubber.

If you live in a high-wind area you will be interested in the following information regarding roof covering wind resistance:

  • High-wind shingles = 130 MPH winds
  • Architectural shingles = 110 MPH winds
  • 3-Tab shingles = 60-70 MPH winds


Metal roofing has become popular because there are a number of styles available, it is durable and is Eco-friendly. While this type of roofing often comes in large roles, it is now available in imitation tile, slate, shakes and shingles. It is constructed of lightweight steel, zinc or aluminum. Copper roofs are also available but are higher in price.

Other benefits of this type of metal roofing include a Class A fire rating, reflection of solar heat, which controls energy costs, warranties of 30-50 years, lightweight, easily installed, meets building codes and has high wind uplift standards.


Natural slate tile produces a beautiful roof, requires little maintenance and is the most durable roof available. However, it is heavy, more difficult to install and requires extra support underneath. Slate lasts an average 40-60 years but many centuries-old buildings have been found with this original roof.

Synthetic slate tiles are also available. These have the advantage of being strong, lighter and less expensive.

You can expect your roofers to help you decide what type of roof will best suit your situation. They will take into consideration your budget, how long you want your roof to last, what type of roof will best suit your situation, what kind of a warranty you desire and all the other things that go into choosing the type and color of the roof you need. 

They will look at your roof, take measurements, calculate the labor required for installation and offer a free estimate. Choosing a good roofer is essential if you wish to obtain the best roofing deal available.

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