Roofs for homes and businesses require a lot of consideration. This includes cost, materials, energy and colors. Today many locations are finding unique patterns and colors for roofing that was not available in previous years. Additional things to consider, when choosing roofing material, are the climate, the roofing material design and the architectural design of your home or business.

Business Roof Colors

While many buildings have flat roofs, a steep or curved roof makes an excellent location to install something that will attract attention. For example, if the building is white a black and white checkered roof would be striking. This would match the exterior of the building which, naturally, would be appropriately designed to match the business’s product. 

Another type of business roof that is popular consists of bold stripes in brilliant colors. Shades of reds, greens, blues, purples, yellows and others are available and, when combined, make a striking combination. For those who really want to make a statement, it is not unusual to see patterns on the roof that reflect the type of business involved or the colors corresponding to any logos.

Home Roof Colors

Naturally, you will want to choose a roof that will accentuate your home’s architectural style, its exterior color, match the neighborhood and comply with any Home Owner’s organization. Whether you are using shakes, metal, tile, slate or asphalt shingles there are many choices to choose from. And with all of these choices the colors you can choose from will vary. 

The main roof colors, depending on the type of roofing, include black, red, grey, blue and green. Some people have installed a beautiful roof of alternating black and grey asphalt shingles while others look much better with more color depending on the surrounding plantlife as well as the color of the house itself. While metal roofing, tile and slate continue to hold their color for a long time, asphalt shingles tend to fade over time, especially in hot climates.

Looking at Your Roof and Your Energy Bills

In the past few years, people have become concerned about the increase in their utility bills. Heating and cooling is one part of monthly bills that can be reduced with a good roof.

Consider the following:

  • Roof color can increase or reduce attic temperature depending on how well it can reflect UV radiation
  • Proper roof installation is required to have maximum results
  • Always read the labels to find manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Converse with your roofer regarding which type of roof covering will offer the best energy savings

If you live in a very hot or cold climate ask about what is being placed under the roof covering. Things like gypsum-fiber and glass-mat roof board for commercial buildings or cement roof board, combined with a variety of liquid-membranes or cold mastic modified bitumen, for homes, can make a huge difference in controlling the heat or cold that can seep in the building and impact how much you’re paying in energy costs.

Designing Your Roof

Putting on a new roof does not happen every day and, if applied correctly, can last 40 or more years. This makes it important that the entire roofing system is properly installed and enhanced to produce a parapet wall as well as a cover, thermal and fire barrier. This object can only be obtained with a careful examination of what is available. 

A good roofer will be able to advise you as to what will provide energy savings as well as fit your budget. This will insure that you get the most benefits possible from your new roof.

When considering any type of roof for your home or looking to improve or update it, it is imperative that you have a roofing company that is experienced in the field. Serving Connecticut customers since 1977, at Capital Roofing LLC we are proud of our record for providing customers with a wide array of roof choices and expert roofers. If you call us today at (833) 784-5300 we will be happy to discuss our free estimate. You can also fill out our online form at the right of this page or online at

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